Walls Cabinetry Plus INC

Find the Right Fit for your Project


Fully custom cabinetry

For your new home build, or home renovation project, you can work closely with our designers and team for a personalized design. With a wide selection of styles, accessories, unique storage solutions, a choice of solid wood, painted HDF, or P.E.T material, and more, you can get a design unique to your project. From site visits and measures, design consultations with visual renderings and professional advice, delivery and installation our team is with you every step of the way!

Custom Cabinetry Consult

For your project that needs a little added attention, work with our design team to create the perfect fit. Get the help of the pros to design your cabinets based on your own measurements and specs, that come fully assembled with all the custom features you choose including; a wide selection of styles, a choice of solid wood, painted HDF, or P.E.T material, custom storage solutions, cabinet inserts & accessories, and more. We create the cabinets you want, for you to install in your space.

Create Your Cabinetry

With our new DIY Cabinetry line, you can get semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled to your order specifications for an easy installation. Don’t compromise on convivence. Browse our catalogue to see the options to fit your space, and to get a little extra with the simple selection of cabinet inserts, door styles, and colours in painted, or P.E.T. Change the way you DIY!